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Vira; a New Kid in the Block!?, or Onset of a Big Player in the Horizon?

17 June, 2019 14:54

As per discretion of the Board, a new subsidiary (PFC being major shareholder) named as “Vira Road & City Company” (in short “Vira”) has been registered in order to handle ITS, BMS and Electro-Mechanical Projects.

As necessitated by the work flow of the on-going projects, the registration of the Company and establishment of the office performed in fast track, and its office in Khorramshahr St. is now fully operational.

Final agreement on the main agendas between SEPANDAR and Pars Faragam SEPANDAR on Open Road Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) for four Highways (Ghazvin-Zanjan, Zanjan-Tabriz, Tabriz-Oriumieh and Qom-Garmsar) has been achieved and expected to be signed in near future.

Sepandar has indicated priority for the establishment of the ETC System for Zanjan-Tabriz Highway as well as Tabriz-Orumieh Highway.  

As Vira is fully operational company, PFC is considering to transfer the execution of the remaining segment of the Project to Vira.




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