Elementor #305

Health, Safety and Environment

In Modern terms the “Safety” means freedom from harm and/or intolerable risks.
People, equipment, material and environment (P-E-M-E) are four major subsystems of the total organization which must interact properly to obtain effective safety, quality, production and cost control. These subsystems are four major sources of  loss- and four major sources of control.

It is our job to try to prevent or control all kinds of losses. Well, preventing loss of life is certainly the most important and noble part of the safety function.

The professional management approach means exercising effective Controls over all activities to prevent accidents and minimize losses. It involves planning, organizing, leading, directing and controlling efforts to:

1.    Identify all loss exposures.
2.    Evaluate the risk of each exposure.
3.    Develop plans and programs for control.
4.    Manage implementation and control of the plans and programs.
5.    Monitor and improve the whole process.
Safety primary goal is control of accidental loss .The essence of a management control system in use around the world is summarized by I-S-M-E-C:

Specifying the program elements and activities to achieve desired results.
Establishing performance standards (criteria by which methods and results will
be evaluated).
Measuring performance; recording and reporting work in progress and completed.
Evaluating performance as measured and compared with established standards;
appraising work and results.
Regulating and improving methods and results by commending desired performance
and constructively correcting substandard performance.
Inspection is one of the oldest, most widely used and best ways to detect and
correct potential losses, … before they occur.
1.     Identify potential problems
2.     Identify equipment deficiencies
3.     Identify improper employee actions
4.     Identify effects of changes
5.     Identify inadequacies in remedial actions
6.     Provide management self-appraisal information
7.     Demonstration management commitment